eHealth 5G Ambulance

  • Provide network slicing and video optimisation for on-board real-time video streaming and optimisation from a 5G-enabled ambulance to the hospital.
  • Allow timely remote diagnosis and treatment guidance for on-board patience in critical conditions while driving to the hospital, e.g., senior citizens suffering from stroke, to save lives.
  • Delivery of video streaming with ultra-high quality and in real time for life-saving scenarios to allow accurate diagnosis based on the received video at the hospital, even in highly challenging conditions such as high background traffic sharing the same network link.
  • Applicable to various mission-critical use cases.
  • Deployed in Cork, Ireland, in collaboration with Dell EMC, CIT and Irish Ambulance Services.

The demonstration video shows the Quality of Service (QoS) warranty through performance isolation using the advanced UWS network slicing solution. When the video streaming from the ambulance is delivered through a UWS network slice, the quality of the video is supreme. When the competing background traffic is significantly increased, the quality of the video remains perfect. However, when the network slice that carries the video is removed, the video is immediately distorted because it is no longer guaranteed by the network slice. When the network slice is re-launched for the video, the quality of the video is immediately restored as well.