Cognitive Holographic Network Management

  • Cognitive network monitoring & management immersive environment.
  • HoloLens-based AR/VR visualisation of large-scale networks, which are physical, logical and both.
  • The Automatic discovery of physical and virtual infrastructures and networks together with services deployed therein.
  • The ability to explore and navigate inside the logical connections available in each of the physical machines, including physical ports, logical ports, and virtual ports with a level of accuracy never achieved before.
  • Enable network administrators to be exposed to augmented contextual information of the network.
  • Allow humans to understand how AI works in cognitive network management during operations.
  • More straightforward contextualised trouble-shooting in softwarised infrastructure.

The demonstration video shows the auto-discovery of a large-scale network topology in real-time with mobile users, physical machines, virtual machines on a cloud infrastructure geographically distributed with several edge locations, multi-tenancy across different operators.