• Enable one-click brand new infrastructure and service deployment in remote/rural areas within minutes from scratch (bare metal even without operating system).
  • Enable ultra-fast recovery of infrastructure destroyed esp. in a natural or human disaster scenario, greatly improving the reliability of the service offerings.
  • Successfully achieved unprecedented level of automation in 5G multi-tenant mobile edge computing infrastructures.
  • Successfully addressed and exceeded the 5G KPI: reducing current time from 90 hours in 4G to under 90 minutes in 5G.
  • Implemented and demoed in Portugal Telecom premises in in EU 5G SELFNET project (led by UWS).

The video demonstration below shows the infrastructure creation in one-click. After 3 minutes, the operating system (Ubuntu) is installed on a computer. After 2 minutes, OpenStack and OpenVSwitch with OpenDayLight are installed. 1 minute later, the SDN controller has configured the complete end-to-end connectivity and 1 minute later, a 5G VNF (DU) is deployed on the new node. The VNF takes control of the Ettus Software Defined Radio (SDR) interface and the 5G firmware stack is installed on the device. Finally, 30 seconds later, a UE receives the signal and successfully connects to the new 5G network in less than 9 minutes.


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