About this project

RIGOUROUS (secuRe desIGn and deplOyment of trUsthwoRthy cOntinUum computing 6G Services) aspires to identify and address the major cybersecurity, trust and privacy risks threatening the network, devices, computing infrastructure, and 6G services. This 6G project will address these challenges by introducing a new holistic and smart service framework leveraging new machine learning (ML) and AI mechanisms, which can react dynamically to the everchanging threat surface on all orchestration layers and network functions.

Main objectives

  • Holistic Smart Service framework for securing the IoT-Edge-Cloud continuum lifecycle management.
  • Human-Centric DevSecOps.
  • Model-based and AI-driven Automated Security Orchestration, Trust Management and deployment.
  • Advanced AI-driven Anomaly Detection, decision and Mitigation Strategies.
  • Demonstration of a Set of Industrially Relevant Use Cases in Operational Environments.

UWS Role

The Beyond 5G Hub team contributes to this project as a technical solution provider, focusing on leading innovations for end-end multi-Domain 6G slicing over zero-touch security network management, and continuum cognitive Security Orchestration Automation and Response closed loops.

List of participants

  • University of Murcia (UMU), Spain
  • ORANGE Romania (ORO), Romania
  • RHEA System Luxembourg S.A. (RHEA), Luxembourg
  • EBOS Technologies Ltd (EBOS), Cyprus
  • WINGS, Greece
  • OneSource, Consultoria Informática Lda. (ONE), Portugal
  • ICT-FI, Finland
  • University of Oulu (OULU), Finland
  • Instituto de Telecomunicações (ITAV), Portugal
  • University of the West of Scotland (UWS), UK