Smart city lighting and security

  • Scalable security management of smart city networking based on 5G IoT/mMTC.
  • Reduce energy consumption by automatically controlling the dimming intensity of the lighting system.
  • Protect IoT infrastructures against cyber-attacks and thus enhancing the safety of our citizens.
  • Enable large-scale deployment for IoT applications with highly scalable network monitoring and control, supporting 1 million devices per edge.
  • Support scalable control of lighting poles with guaranteed performance by applying network slicing and related technologies.
  • Support various security management tasks such as fire-walling, intrusion detection, intrusion prevention, service confinement, data leak prevention, and law enforcement, security-oriented network slicing, through traffic control rules.
  • Enforcement of the traffic control by various devices, e.g., based on Open Virtual Switch (OVS) with UWS patches or UWS Flow Control Agent.
  • Ability to deal with a scenario where over a quarter of a million emulated NB-IoT devices sending traffic simultaneously through one OVS machine and over a quarter of million firewall rules being installed.
  • Deployed 50+ lighting poles in a University Campus in Bucharest, in collaboration with Orange in the EU 5G SliceNet project.


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